• A new LSA- Lutheran Scouting Association page has been posted
  • The Fall edition of Lutheran Scouting has been published.
  • PRAY has published a new Update to Members of BSA 
  • For many years NLAS has presented new Life members with an NLAS commemorative belt buckle. Having exhausted our 1983 vintage supply, the belt buckles have been re-designed to feature our new NLAS logo. The new buckle will be used as our token of appreciation to new Life members. The new buckle will also be made available to existing Life members for $20, the nominal cost plus shipping. See the Spring Lutheran Scouting for details.
  • NLAS is pleased to announce the appointment of Reid Christopherson as the ELCA representative to NLAS. Reid has mutually supportive roles in both the ELCA and BSA, being on the ELCA Churchwide Council, and also BSA Central Region Commissioner and Commissioner Liaison to BSA Relationships.
  • The 2017 NLAS Annual National Meeting will be held on July 14 at 1:30 PM at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Charleston, WV, 1600 Kanawha Blvd East, on the Kanawha River, less than ½ mile from the WV State Capitol. Trinity is just over 1 hr from the Summit Bechtel Reserve via I-64, making it literally “on the way to the Jamboree” for staff who report the next day. Our thanks to the congregation at Trinity and our friends at the WV-Western MD Synod of the ELCA for hosting the annual meeting. Plan on joining us at the NLAS Annual Meeting.
  • To preserve the financial health of the organization and help us continue to carry out our mission, the NLAS Executive Board voted an increase in dues for the first time in many years. At the same time, the Board restructured the membership categories. Gone are the Contributor and Century Club categories, replaced by a new easier way to become a Life member with five payments over five years. The Board also opened membership to youth members of our participating youth serving organizations. Paid members, including existing Life members, will receive the new NLAS medallion to wear “loudly and proudly” on their uniform pocket.
  • NLAS will have an exhibit in the Duty to God and Country area of the 2017 BSA National Jamboree at The Summit in WV. NLAS, along with our partner churches, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS), celebrate the 500 th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation. There are still openings for NLAS exhibit staff and Lutheran chaplains. See the Spring Lutheran Scouting for details.
  • The Lutheran Scouting Spring edition  has just been published. There is an error in the date articles are due for the Summer edition. Due date for articles for the Summer edition is June 16.
  • NLAS through George Miller offers recognition certificates for Lutheran awards or for Scouting awards. Just make a request with this form (Make sure you click submit)