Display Booth

The booth can be used at Cub Scout Pack meetings, Courts of Honor, American Heritage Girls Troop meetings, Girl Scout meetings, Adult Leader Training, Pow Wows or University of Scouting, District or Synod meetings, Scout Sunday celebrations, Sunday School Rally Days, Youth Gatherings, and other events to promote NLAS and the PRAY program.

Booth description: Free standing professional display that sits on a 6-8 foot rectangular or round table. Set breaks down to a very easy to carry 26″ x 14″ briefcase weighing in at about 15 pounds. When opened the two sides have pre-attached color graphics with illustrations of the youth and adult Lutheran recognitions. The center section is left open so the user can insert their own material or appropriate photographs specific to their event. This material could be printed from various web sources including this NLAS site or PRAY, BSA, AHG, or GSUSA. Additional handouts, program handbooks, and other resources can be added to the display by the user. The
header display on top is two sided-reversible. In addition to the NLAS name the reverse side has the PRAY-Duty to God title for possible use for other functions like representing the Protestant Committee at an event.

The booth weighs approximately 15 pounds and will be shipped by NLAS via UPS or Fedex to you one week prior to your event to allow you to familiarize yourself with set up. Requestor is responsible for returning the display, or forwarding it to next request within one week following use. NLAS will reimburse the return shipping cost to the user.

You may reserve a display for your event by contacting one of the persons listed below and send them your name, shipping address, email and phone number(s), the dates that it will be needed, the name and type of event that it will be used for, and any specific requests for information.

National Display Coordinator- Bill Banta  (717) 848-6627  [email protected]