Earn Award

How to help youth receive their Lutheran Award

Ideas, hints, and techniques that can help more youth earn an award:

  • Have a booth at Scout Expos to reach youth
  • Have a booth at University of Scouting or Pow Wows to reach leaders
  • Get some space on the council web site that discusses the awards
  • Get information into newsletters that go to youth
  • Get information into LCMS District/ELCA Synod newsletters to reach churches
  • Have a booth at a ELCA Synod/LCMS District meeting to reach adults
  • Put information into church bulletins, especially Scout Sundays
  • Send a letter to pastors in your area telling them of the program and encouraging them to use award programs and offering your assistance
  • Encourage churches to set classes for any who would like to receive the award. Can be led by Pastor or youth workers or adult members.


Last updated 08/20/2001