Local Association of Scouters

The mission of an LAS is to support and encourage the efforts of those Lutheran congregations that have chosen to use Civic Youth Agency programs as a part of their youth ministry.

Local Associations often have a purpose related to the above functions that draws them together.
Examples include:

  • Work with civic youth agencies and church congregations to develop good relationships
  • Encourage additional Lutheran congregations, or groups, to use the civic youth programs as they fit in with their youth ministries
  • Ensure that a Lutheran/Protestant chaplain is in place for the council camps and weekend events.
  • Ensure that a proper chapel and program is available at local civic youth agency summer camps.
  • Encourage young people to use the religious growth programs.
  • Provide displays at civic youth agency events, District/Synod meetings and other opportunities to tell the story of religious emblems and the use of civic youth programs by Lutheran congregations
  • Encourage Lutheran units to have trained leaders, especially CORs.
  • Help Lutheran youth leaders understand their key role in ministering to the youth of their congregation and community
  • Fellowship with other leaders
  • Provide a Luthoree, Lutheran campout, or special retreats and gatherings as may support local Lutheran chartered units.
  • Encourage churches to sponsor new units.
  • Encourage youth to consider careers in ministry.

List of Local Associations

The NLAS contact for LASs is Trent Christian email 

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