Volunteer Support

The following information is useful for adults in starting new units, building existing ones and helping Lutheran youth grow in their relationship with God and their Lutheran Church.

Lutheran Associations of Scouting

What are they, where are they, how to form one.

NLAS holds an annual meeting every year. These will be announced in Lutheran Scouting

Philmont Conferences Scouting in the Lutheran Church’s) are held every two years. Sometimes we hold a Lutheran breakout and some years we hold a Lutheran conference.

NLAS Bylaws were updated September 19, 2020 are contained here for reference.

How to help youth earn their age appropriate Lutheran emblems-

Help a unit earn the Lutheran Recognition of Excellence by giving as much encouragement and support as you can.

Pray maintains a web site for many religious awards. There is much information that can be used by LASs, Members or people in our churches who are working with youth on the religious emblems program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about religious awards from PRAY

Display Booth– how to reserve and use a booth.

NLAS recognition certificates are available to youth who are receiving Eagle, GSA Silver and Gold, God and Me, God and Family, and appreciation.

Adult awards are available to recognize leaders

NLAS normally participates in BSA Jamborees.