• The Summer 2019 Lutheran Scouting has been published.
  • The NLAS annual meeting will be held August 10, 2019
    BSA Three Harbor’s Council Office
                  330 So. 84th Street
                  Milwaukee, WI 53214
                  (corner of I94 and #181)
  • The February 2019  Lutheran Scouting has been posted.
  • PRAY Update to Members of BSA April 2019 has been published.
  • PRAY Update to Members of GSUSA April 2019 has been published.
  • PRAY Announcement – January 2019 has been published.
  • P.R.A.Y. Update to Members of AHG – June 2018 has been published.
  • For many years NLAS has presented new Life members with an NLAS commemorative belt buckle. Having exhausted our 1983 vintage supply, the belt buckles have been re-designed to feature our new NLAS logo. The new buckle will be used as our token of appreciation to new Life members. The new buckle will also be made available to existing Life members for $20, the nominal cost plus shipping. See the Spring Lutheran Scouting for details.
  • NLAS through George Miller offers recognition certificates for Lutheran awards or for Scouting awards. Just make a request with this form (Make sure you click submit)