• Fall 2023 Lutheran Scouting Newsletter
  • P.R.A.Y. and B.S.A. National Relationships Committee announces  Virtual Religious Emblems program for Fall 2023
  • NLAS was represented at GSUSA PHENOM, attached is the PHENOM article
  • A DIY NLAS/Religious Emblems Display has been developed and we encourage the use in your local area, get your materials here.
    Please contact Tom via e-mail (above) or by phone at 714-746-5235 if you have any questions.
  • New resources on the “Lutheran Religious Recognitions: What They Are and How to Get Them”  added to the Volunteers -> Resources and Youth pages.
  • The NLAS 4 Star scholarship application has been posted under the Youth tab.
  • NLAS and the Girl Scouts of the USA have approved the new Lutheran Recognition of Excellence (LRE) for Girl Scouts. The award can be earned by GS Troops who are sponsored by a Lutheran congregation or other Lutheran organization. It consists of a certificate and ribbon for the Troop, and a patch for each member of the Troop (regardless of whether the girl is Lutheran). The certificate and ribbon are free, and the newly designed LRE patches are available for $3.50 each.
    Attached is the GS LRE Application.
  • From the COVID-19 pandemic we learned how to change
  • PRAY offers some virtual learning resources here
  • https://www.praypub.org/documents-resources -> Virtual Learning.
  • Earning the RP3 patches while at home https://www.facebook.com/dutytogodbsa/photos/a.1861613507384567/2554147054797872/?type=3&theater
  • Gregory Rogahn posted an article about Kristin continuing to teach Jesus and Me online
  • NLAS through Judi Miller offers recognition certificates for Lutheran awards or for Scouting awards. Just make a request with this form (Make sure you click submit)