The NLAS has created and curated a number of resources for Lutheran Scouters and for those planning to start a new Lutheran Scouting unit.  For those looking for further information about starting a new Lutheran Scouting unit, please visit the Lutheran Scouter Associations page, and contact us to set up a phone call or meeting.

Chaplain / Chaplain Aide Resources


The Chaplain is in an ideal position to promote the religious emblems program and encourage Scouts to complete the requirements for the emblem of their Lutheran faith.

Chaplain Aides

The Chaplain Aide is an approved youth leadership position in Scouts BSA troops.  The responsibilities of this position include encouraging the spiritual growth and awareness of each member of the troop and assisting the troop chaplain (and adult committee members).

BSA Manual for Chaplains and Chaplain Aides
Welcome to Camp: A Guide for Chaplain Aides
Advanced Unit Chaplain/Chaplain Aide Training
"Eagles Soaring High" booklet

P.R.A.Y. / Religious Emblems Program Resources

The Religious Emblems programs are developed by the national religious organizations to encourage their members to grow stronger in their faith. The scouting agencies have approved of these programs and allow the awards to be worn on the official uniforms, but the emblems are created and administered by the various religious groups.

†  P.R.A.Y. website

†  P.R.A.Y. Brochure for Lutherans

†  P.R.A.Y. Religious Emblems Brochure for Girls Scouts USA

†  Helpful Tips

†  DIY NLAS Religious Emblems Marketing Kit (Google Drive)

†  Lutheran Religious Recognitions: What Are They and How to Get Them
Slide Deck | Video | PDF )

†  Religious Emblems Display – NLAS makes available a tabletop display promoting the religious emblems. The display is shipped by NLAS, and is returned by the borrowing organization at their cost.

To schedule use of the Religious Emblems Display, contact the display custodian:

Mr. Bill Banta