Scouts Worship

Scouts Worship 
Electronic Version

Original version authored by Rev. Leo Symmank and supported by Lutheran Brotherhood


Worship at Close of Day

Vespers: A Service of Light

Worship Notes

An Order of Worship

The Scriptures


Apostles’ Creed

Lord’s Prayer

   Worship Notes on Lord’s Prayer
Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer
Our Father
Who is in Heaven
Hallowed be Your Name
Your Kingdom Come
Your Will be Done on Earth as in Heaven
Give us Today Our Daily Bread
Forgive Our Sins as We Forgive Those Who Sin Against Us
Save us from the Time of Trial
Deliver Us from Evil
For the Kingdom, Power and the Glory are Yours Now and Forever
Meditations on the Scout Law
Trustworthy and Loyal
Helpful and Friendly
Courteous and Kind
Obedient and Brave
Cheerful and Thrifty
Clean and Reverent


This is an online version of the Scouts Worship booklet that has become unavailable as all copies are out of stock.