President's Perspective

Thoughts from the NLAS President

Executive Board


The NLAS is governed by the Executive Board that the NLAS Nominating Committee members help to select.  The Executive Board consists of a President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, two Members-at-Large, and Church Body Representatives, as well as the three Ex-Officio officers.


Rev. Tom Miller

President (Ex-Officio)

Kristin Rogahn

Vice Chair

Phill Lawonn


Wayne Stuckey


Aaro Froese


Mark Trivilino


Ronald Adolphi, Ph.D.

Parliamentarian (Ex-Officio)

Reid Christopherson

Church Body Representative (ELCA)

Rev. Mark Kiessling

Church Body Representative (LCMS)

Rev. Dana Narring

Pastoral Advisor (Ex-Officio)


NLAS Standing Committee Leaders Downloadable PDF.