Religious Emblems Information Night

What are the Religious Emblems?
Which emblems are appropriate to me/my child’s age and faith?
How do I/my child receive them?
Join the Religious Emblems Information Night (sponsored by the BSA National Religious Relationships Committee) on Thursday, February 22 at 7 PM (Central) on Zoom! After a 10-minute overview of what the Religious Emblems are, you can go to a breakout room for the faith group of your choice for more detail.
Breakout rooms will be available for:
• General Information & Virtual Nationwide P.R.A.Y.
• African Methodist Episcopal Awards/Patches & P.R.A.Y.
• Baptist Awards & P.R.A.Y.
• Lutheran Awards & P.R.A.Y.
• United Methodist Church Awards & P.R.A.Y.
• How to Serve as a P.R.A.Y. Counselor
Other faiths:
• Jewish Religious Emblems
• Latter-day Saint (LDS)/Vanguard Scouting
• Members of Churches of Christ for Scouting
• Muslim Religious Emblems
• Hindu Religious Emblems
• Roman Catholic Religious Emblems/Patches
• Sikh Religious Emblems
• My Faith isn’t Listed (Additional Faiths’ Religious Emblems)
The event is FREE, and is appropriate for unit leaders, youth, faith leaders, and BSA professionals. Reserve your seat at: